Twitter would have deliberately blocked access to third-party apps

The outage of Twitter’s third-party clients is said to be intentional. But again, no official communication.

Twitter deliberately cut off third-party client access to its API. Since Thursday evening, many popular third-party apps that can be used to browse Twitter without going through the company’s own solutions, including Tweetbot and Twitterrific, no longer work, without any official communication. from Twitter. This Sunday, The Information shared messages from the company’s internal Slack channels implying that the company is aware of the outage and thatshe would even be at the origin.

The outage of Twitter’s third-party clients is said to be intentional

“Third-party app suspensions are intentional,” reads one of the posts highlighted by the US blog from a channel for the company’s engineers to triage service disruptions. This Friday morning, an employee of the product partnership team of Twitter reportedly asked his colleagues when they might have a list of “approved talking points” regarding “revoked third-party client access.”

According to The Informationa product marketing manager reportedly replied soon after that the company had “started working on communications,” but could not provide a specific forward schedule. The Information says he couldn’t get the reasoning behind Twitter’s actions.

But again, no official communication

Since Elon Musk took over the reins of the company, there is no longer a team dedicated to communication. It is therefore impossible to have an official answer. Especially since the American billionaire has tweeted nothing about this interruption of service and the developers to whom we owe Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Fenix ​​and so many other third-party clients all claim to have had no feedback from Twitter. “We are in the dark just as much as you are,” wrote Paul Haddad, co-creator of Tweetbot in a recent post on Mastodon.

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