two-thirds of French people say that their income will not be sufficient…

According to this survey, therefore, three-quarters (73%) of respondents think that the financing of retirement is an important concern. This finding is even more evident among the 50-60s (78%) and in urban municipalities (77%).

On the other hand, more than half of respondents believe that it would be ideal to start preparing for retirement before age 50. Moreover, a third of them inquired about the different types of investments.

Moreover, more than half went to a bank to prepare the financing of their retirement and a third made the approach with their insurer or on dedicated information sites.

Retired professionals are considered discreet. Only a third (31%) of respondents say they have been approached to prepare for their retirement, including 16% by their bank.

Still according to this survey, more than half of those polled said they had received and read their statements of individual situation of pension rights and three quarters considered the information sufficient, especially the oldest.

Even if a third believe that they will receive more than 70% of their last salary (earned income) on retirement, just under a third believe that they will receive less than 50% of it. In addition, two-thirds (65%) say that their income will not be sufficient to live comfortably in retirement, especially among women (78%).

Thus, two-thirds of respondents seem worried about their future retirement. Women (71%) are more so than men (59%), probably due to persistent wage differences and careers sometimes put on hold by maternity.

In this context, what actions should be put in place to finance retirement? A third of respondents say they started saving and for half of them, more than 5 years ago. An encouraging sign, a third plan to do so, especially those under 40 (43%) who are more urban (41%).

Traditional savings products such as savings accounts (PEL (51%) and life insurance (44%)) are the products most used by respondents. Unsurprisingly, these products are mainly held by banks (65%, insurers come in second place at 23%).

Still according to this survey, 40% of respondents say they know the individual PER launched in 2019, but among them, only 12% hold it with bancassurance (64%). Even if the tax advantages of PERIn are of more interest to respondents, they believe that life insurance is easier to understand (31% vs. 10% for PERIn) and more profitable (22% vs. 12% for PERIn).

The majority of respondents point to a lack of information about this new system, only 19% consider themselves well informed. It should be noted that a third of men and those over 50 (29%) feel more informed than women (18%).

However, respondents underline an interest in subscribing to a PERIn which allows them to recover capital for their heirs (42%). They are also numerous to claim the possibility of recovering their capital to invest (35%) and to choose the retirement age for a capital payment or to obtain an annuity (35%).

The financial aspect is the main obstacle to subscribing to a PERIn (62%). The French say they cannot afford to save (32%) and fear high costs (29%), which may explain why they place their trust in life insurance products that could provide financial security.

The complete study is available on request with mandatory integration of the following legal notices “MMA (Covéa group) / Argus de l’Assurance study carried out by INFOPRO DIGITAL ETUDES from June 13 to 19, 2022 with a sample of 1,000 people aged 30 at 60, online”.


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