United Kingdom – United States: The thirteen US presidents met by Elizabeth II

This is the story of Elizabeth II with American presidents… she met 13 of them.

The last US President Queen Elizabeth met was Joe Biden, who had tea with her at Windsor Castle in June 2021 when they discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“She reminded me of my mother, and I don’t think that would be an insult to her,” Biden later told reporters.

In all, Queen Elizabeth has met thirteen of the last fourteen presidents of the United States, and Lyndon Johnson is the only one she hasn’t met.

Her encounters with American presidents began with Harry Truman in 1951, when she was still just a princess. His goal in meeting them was to maintain strong relations with the United States, keeping in mind the importance of this alliance during World War II.

At a state dinner hosted by President George W. Bush in his honor at the White House in 2007, she said, “The departments of your country and the governments of my country can come and go. But there there will always be a dialogue between us… we may disagree from time to time, but we will always be united”.

The Queen had long conversations with Ronald Reagan, including while riding horses and eating enchiladas at his California ranch. I watched a Ballimator Orioles baseball game with George Bush Sr. She sent Dwight Eisenhower a recipe for baked goods he ate at Balmoral Castle that made his mouth water.

In 1976, she danced with Gerald Ford on “The Lady Is a Trump”.


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