USB Tester Multimeter: USB Digital Current and Voltage Tester

USB-C is the connector of choice for almost all Android OEMs, and several laptop manufacturers are also ditching the barrel jack. After all, the latest USB-C 2.1 spec allows for up to 240W power delivery compared to the older standard’s 100W cap. However, if you want to know how fast a particular adapter, cable, or combo actually charges your laptop, you need a power meter. That’s where Plugable’s latest product comes in handy. The company has launched a new USB-C power meter capable of measuring up to 240W (via XDA Developers).

This USB tester multimeter has a wide range of applications, can be directly replaced to meet your various needs. Suitable for most applications, such as phone, power bank, keyboard and other electronic products.

Plugable’s latest product has a female USB-C port on one end and a male on the other. It can measure electricity flowing in both directions. You can plug it between your charging cable and your laptop or smartphone. Another convenience is the button along the edge that flips the display, so you always see the stats right side up. Plugable says the device supports data transfer and its OLED display is brighter than previous power meters.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind. Not all USB-C cables support 240W power, so be sure to use a compatible one, such as those made by Club 3D. Additionally, the pluggable USB-C power meter is also slightly limited in its capabilities. It can measure voltages between 4.5 and 50 V and currents between 50 mA and 6.5 A, but does not support Thunderbolt 3 devices. These limits probably won’t hinder your measurements, but they are worth considering. noted. The brand is also offering a two-year limited warranty on parts and labor on the new USB-C power meter. The new Plugable power meter available for €29.95 on Amazon, if you’re interested.

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