“Vaincre ou Die”, the first film of Puy du Fou, is debated

This Wednesday, January 25, 2023 comes out Win or dieproduced by the Puy du Fou theme park in Vendée, in partnership with Canal +. At the center of this feature film, a character unknown in France: François Athanase Charette de La Contrie, known as Charette, royalist general of the Vendée wars, shot in Nantes in 1796.

At first, “The film was conceived as a documentary. We tried to gradually make it what looks much more like a cinema film than a documentary “, concedes Nicolas de Villiers, producer of the film and president of Puy du Fou.

“Dialogues inspired by real archives”

Guillaume Lancereau, historian specializing in the period of the French Revolution, co-author of the book Le Puy du Faux – Investigation of a park that distorts historyregret this “indeterminacy between two directions. Not choosing is also how you make a bad movie.” he lets go.

Introducing to Win or die, two historians comment on this Vendée war. Including Reynald Secher who “is the main propagandist of the Vendée genocide thesis. The term “genocide” is not pronounced in the film. However, there is emphasis on the word “exterminated”, which comes up four times”, continues the historian who does not deny the veracity of the historical facts presented in the film.

Moreover, Nicolas de Villiers insists: “The historical setting is absolutely factual and real. The dialogues are partly true, inspired by real archives. » But, denounces Guillaume Lancereau, in Win or die, “It is not historical heroes who are embodied. The characters are pretexts for a struggle of values. »

A long clip of almost two hours

It is a dive into the Vendée of 1793, part of the population does not accept the Republic. Win or die recounts this Terror, through the battles led by General Charette, a former officer in the Royal Navy.

The almost ubiquitous voiceover tells Charette. It quickly becomes annoying, boring. The battles, eventful, are filmed in their heart, the camera transported in all directions, the spectator too, to make you dizzy.

Shot like a spectacular clip, lasting more than an hour and a half, this film by Vincent Mottez and Paul Mignot quickly leaves the viewer out of breath.

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