Valorant 6.1 patch notes

The 6.01 patch is rather light and focuses mainly on Lotus, for example fixing bugs that you reported.

Valorant 6.1 patch notes



  • The volume of the rotating doors has been reduced during rotation. Tell us what you think.
  • The queue dedicated to Lotus has been deleted.
  • Lotus is now included in the Unranked and Competitive mode map rotation.



Replication mode has been removed.

  • Although we’re putting Replication aside for a while, it will still be accessible through the custom game options.



  • Killjoy’s Nanite Swarm (C) now deals the correct amount of damage to destructible objects.


  • Fixed a bug where the visual indicator for blinds (above the heads of agents) was sometimes out of sync with the actual duration of the blind (Omen’s Paranoia [A]Phoenix Curveball [A]).
  • Fixed a bug where the spike was invisible and impossible to equip after changing sides (from defenders to attackers). Only custom games were affected.
  • Fixed a bug where players could no longer land the spike after reconnecting to the game if they died while disconnecting.
  • Fixed a bug where the Marshall would not fully recharge if the Auto Scope option was enabled. Thanks to everyone who reported this issue to us!


  • Lotus

    • Several bugs affecting Lotus have been fixed. Again, thank you for reporting these issues! Here are some of the most important fixes:

      • An exploitable bug for climbing the back of Site B has been removed.
      • You can no longer get stuck in rotating doors (well, normally; let us know if you find a new creative way to do this!).
      • Breach can now use his skills on both rotating doors.
      • Connector A’s destructible door now has working vision cones.
      • The spike can no longer be lost behind Site A.
      • Fixed a Site A location where it was impossible to land the spike.

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