Vayrac. Evening around the film “Pech Merle, a century of history”

The Chapelle-aux-Saints Archeology and Heritage Association (Casap), in partnership with the Vayrac cinema, is offering a film conference on Sunday November 20, at 5.30 p.m., at Uxello on the theme of the decorated cave of Pech Merle, near Cabrerets in the Lot.

The film “Pech Merle, a century of history” (64 min) will be screened in the presence of its director Jacques Tournebize and Jacques Lorblanchet.

On September 4, 1922, three children discovered the prehistoric paintings of the decorated cave of Pech Merle. They are André David, 16, the leader of the group, his little sister Marthe David, 13, and their comrade Henri Dutertre, 15. Armed with candles, a rope and a hammer, they cross a narrow passage in the cave which opens into the large room of paintings. It is the beginning of a great adventure which will mobilize the vital forces of the village of Cabrerets to develop and open the cave to the public. It is also the starting point of a scientific adventure for the village priest, Father Lemozi, whose work will be taken over by Michel Lorblanchet, honorary director of research at the CNRS.

The film tells the story of this very special site, from the discovery reconstructed with three young actors to the 3D digitization of the cave and the conservation issues that arise today. This century of history is told by testimonies, archival documents and images from the INA. Admission: €5.

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