Venice Film Festival: The Moroccan film “Queens” at the end of Critics’ Week

The feature film “Queens” by Moroccan director Yasmine Benkiran closed, on Friday, the “Critics’ Week” of the 79th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

The film tells the story of three female characters, including Asma. The young girl is faced with a choice: to remain wisely obedient or to emancipate herself by experiencing a certain form of opprobrium? After a decision taken in an emergency, Asma will see her path switch to the other side.

The story takes place in Casablanca, where the three women are pursued by the police. It’s the beginning of a long run for the protagonists, who will cross the Atlas, its red rocks, its valleys in bloom and finally reach the Great South and the Atlantic.

With a cast of Nisrin Erradi, Nisrine Benchara, Rayhan Guaran, Jalila Talemsi, Hassan Badida, Yuness Chara, Salima Benmoumen, Salman Hourma, Abdelhak Saleh, Abderrahim Tamimi and Hamid Nider, “Queens” ended the “Semaine de la critique” in style. of the prestigious Venice Film Festival.

Seven other films were screened as part of this week. These are “Three nights a week”, by Florent Guillot (France), “As long as the sun is beating” by Philippe Petit (France), “Anhell 69” by Theo Montoya (Colombia), “Dogborn” by Isabella Carbonell (Sweden), “Eismayer” by David Wagner (Austria), “Have you seen this woman?” by Dusan Zoric and Matija Gluscevic (Serbia), “Margini” by Niccolo Falsetti (Italy) and “Skin Deep” by Alex Schaad (Germany).

“Queens” is the first feature film by Yasmine Benkiran, who received support from the “Ateliers de l’Atlas”, organized by the Marrakech International Film Festival to support emerging directors in the making of their first three films.

Laureate in communication in Paris, Yasmine Benkiran made her first experiences in Buenos Aires, San Francisco and London before entering the French national school of cinema La Fémis.

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