Video: a comparison of autonomy between all the iPhones in the Apple catalog

Youtuber Mrwhosetheboss indulged in A comparative autonomy between the different iPhones currently sold by Apple. His test is intended to be complete by approaching real use: he alternates between apps, playing videos, games or using the camera until the devices are out of breath.

Not surprisingly, the iPhone SE is the first to die after almost 5 hours of use, followed by the 13 mini (6h36mn) and the iPhone 12 (6h48mn). The iPhone 13 and 14 are neck and neck within 2 minutes (7h15mn and 7h13mn), which is quite surprising given that the Apple boasts better autonomy on its new model. The iPhone 14 Pro holds the charge for 7h49mn, while the 14 Pro Max only turns off after 9h and 31 minutes.

The videographer only includes models currently sold by Apple and therefore does not compare the 14 Pro with the 13 Pro or the two generations of Pro Max. He had, however, tested these phones Last year, but the scores and the testing procedure are different. While it is therefore difficult to compare the results from one year to the next, it should be noted that they seem to give the advantage to the 2021 vintage. In its previous test, the iPhone 13 Pro Max lasted 9h52mn (21 minutes more than this year) and the 13 Pro 8h17mn (28 minutes more).


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