Video game skills for the professional world

Video game players will quietly put their favorite hobby on their resume. However, on the contrary, it should be part of the skills acquired, or even of previous experiences, according to Lisa Ferrer. Because if the video game still drags this image of child’s leisure, the researchers in neurosciences noticed that this leisure had nothing passive on the cerebral level.

Especially since, as she recalls, research has shown that titles like first-person shooters are great for practicing impulsivity control, focus, and attention. Minecraft is now widely used in classrooms and the results show that students are better able to solve complex problems.

The MMORPG (massively multiplayer role-playing game) Final Fantasy XIV has created a community that promotes mutual aid, a sense of the collective, empathy or the ability to manage large groups. These abilities are part of “soft skills”, cross-functional skills that are not linked to a job but to all walks of life. Recruiters are now more than ever looking for candidates with these skills.

So, knowing this, it seems more and more logical that video games should not be seen just as a simple hobby but as entertainment. It provides learning required in all professional environments.

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