Video games have never brought families together more than at parties, according to Xbox | XboxOne

The Xbox ecosystem relies heavily on the security and benevolence of its media for all audiences. This is manifested in particular by the many parameters available in terms of parental controlthrough the publication of latest transparency reports and by the vast choice of games intended for all audiences. A survey commissioned by Xbox testifies precisely to this dynamic and it is pleasing.

Video games have never brought families together so much during the holidays

This is a survey conducted by YouGov and commissioned by Xbox which looked at the use of video games in family settings, especially during the holiday season. The sample selected for this study was over the age of 13 in each of these six markets: US (1,404), UK (1,336), Australia (1,254), Brazil (1,256), Germany (1,254) and Mexico (1,267). First, we learn that 38% of respondents said that video games were among the top five family activities.

The survey notably draws on mainstream titles like Minecraft and Forza Horizon 5, two games that accounted for more than 50% of games played over the holidays in 2021. Xbox Live internal data from November 2020 to January 2022. It’s clear that the holiday season brings families together across generations, and video games now have a major place in mainstream entertainment and under the tree. Exchanges are facilitated and the youngest can share their passion for the game with the oldest.

Some figures presented in this study are quite interesting:

  • 40% plan to play with their children,
  • 21% with their parents
  • 5% with their grandparents
  • 10% with their in-laws

We also discover that 56% of respondents think that transmitting the pleasure of video games from older generations to younger generations is an excellent tradition, and will not tell them the opposite. Other questions more focused on the role of video games as an escape from the pressures of the real world are interesting:

  • 54% turn to video games to relieve stress
  • 46% evacuate it on social networks
  • 45% through reading a book
  • 42% through physical exercise
  • 33% through personal care and wellness

The survey commissioned by Xbox concludes with quite interesting and positive figures for the Redmond firm. Indeed, 71% of respondents agree that the variety of video games available allows all family members to enjoy video games on the Xbox ecosystem.

It is clear that going from children to grandparents, everyone can be interested in certain Xbox franchises: Microsoft Flight Simulator (which is barely celebrating its 40th anniversary, Age of Empires (which has celebrated its 25th anniversary) or even Forza Horizon, which brings together car enthusiasts (and not only) of all ages, these titles can unite very different audiences thanks to their gameplay, their beauty and their accessibility in particular.

Sure, video games have carved out a place for themselves in terms of family entertainment over the years and they’re now a holiday staple, the perfect time to put grandma in the driver’s seat of a Ferrari F40 on Forza or letting his little cousin play Scorn (I’m not sure about the latter).

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