Video. This Full Moon that inspires creators

Organized every month, during the full moon in different places of the Kingdom by the artistic incubator Tartar, the Market of the creators of the Full Moon Party, quickly became the essential landmark of trendy Moroccans. Visit in pictures, good vibes guaranteed…

The Full Moon party and its Creators Market recently settled in a large hotel in Casablanca to celebrate the full moon as it should be, in a cosy, trendy atmosphere full of surprises.

Dozens of creators, stylists, painters and artists of all kinds met there last weekend to exhibit their works and make themselves known to the public. Once again this month, the Creators Market gave rise to an explosion of creativity and talent, through works each more original than the next.

Through this event, “we are highlighting all kinds of creations that are a little out of the ordinary,” said Karim Kaissoumi, CEO of Tartar in a statement for La Vie Eco.

Young and old artists, Moroccans and foreigners, flock there to exhibit their latest creations, in connection with music, painting, sculpture, interior decoration, or even clothing, provided they are original. and authentic.

Colorful report.


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