Wait until 2024 to change iPad, here’s why

While several sources suggest that Apple has been preparing the arrival of OLED technology on the iPad for a few weeks now, here is the Korean media ETNews think confirm the news. The information is perhaps reliable, because the newspaper officiates in the same country as the subcontractor who would be in charge of the order. You probably guessed it: it’s Samsung.

The Asian manufacturer would however have lost out with the advent of BOE Electronics among the brands responsible for the display of the iPhone. But Samsung would remain Apple’s favorite colt for the iPads, which are the best-selling models on the market, ahead of all competing collections.

What advantages for users?

An OLED screen allows you to spend less energy, and therefore to compensate for a possible battery that is insufficiently supplied. With this, the blacks are deeper and the contrasts better. Switching to this system will therefore be a real plus for lovers of beautiful images or, as the iPad Pro range is intended for them, design professionals. We are thinking here in particular of graphic designers, landscapers or even interior designers.

We do not yet know precisely when the future iPad Pro potentially equipped with OLED panels will be released, but our source of the day evokes the case of 2024. This would give Apple time to validate the concept on a large scale. We know that the Apple firm relies on very high standards to develop its products, which requires a lot of planning in advance.

The current editions already do the job very well

In the meantime, you can always turn to iPad Pros in stores today. Very well made, these are available in two sizes: one with a large 12.9-inch screen, the other with 11 inches on the counter. Both models are powered by the M2 chip, also designed by Apple and whose speed has no equal even on Android.

Pricing starts at €1,069 for the small iPad Pro without 5G, or 1,269 euros with. As for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it can be found from 1,469 euros with Wi-Fi only or from 1,669 euros with Wi-Fi + cellular connectivity.

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