Want to play comfortably on your couch? Nerdytec launches Couchmaster Cyboss

A more spacious model than the Couchmaster Cybot, for increased comfort and even more “snacks”, made of durable materials, in particular bamboo wood stained with water-based paint.

If you are a living room gamer, who appreciates the comfort of his sofa, playing it with a keyboard and a mouse is unfortunately not very comfortable. Fortunately, there are accessories to correct this sad reality. Couchmasters from Nerdytec, for example; the company announces the availability of its new Cyboss model.

According to the brand, it’s essentially an improved, more spacious Couchmaster Cybot. It thus offers an enlarged support surface to support all sizes of laptops, more storage space for gaming and teleworking accessories as well as adapted and larger cushions for better comfort on the sofa. Thanks to its significantly enlarged seating and support surfaces, this Cyboss Couchmaster “adapts to all body types and even the most creative sitting positions” according to the company. It also reports that the cushions, covered with a fabric washable up to 30°C, have also been “considerably enlarged. Pockets attached to each side of the cushions are now available to store a host of accessories, games or snacks”. The brand does not forget drinks, with the presence of a cup holder on the board.

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Sustainable materials

In addition to the improvements mentioned above, Nerdytec puts forward other arguments: the use of sustainable materials. Thus, the support surface of the Couchmaster Cyboss is entirely made of “sustainable bamboo wood and stained black with a water-based paint”.

In addition, for optimal cooling of the laptop, large ventilation slots have been integrated in the center of the stand. The new orientation of the vents allows for a flexible layout for both left- and right-handers, according to Nerdytec.

the Couchmaster Cyboss is now available for pre-order in the Nerdytec online store, priced at 149 euros in the EU.

Image 3: Want to play comfortably on your couch?  Nerdytec launches Couchmaster Cyboss
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Source: Nerdytec press release

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