WARPAWS, it will be bickering between dog and cat in an RTS in 2023

Fulqrum Publishing and developers Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games announce Warpaws, a real-time strategy game set in an alternate world where cats and dogs battle it out using WWII-inspired weaponry. It will be released on Xbox next year. It’s nice to see that an RTS is coming to consoles. On our side we are curious to see the result.

Are you more Team Dog or Team Cat at home?

Which is better, cats or dogs? – Warpaws is a real-time strategy game in which cats and dogs battle it out in a lightweight alternate world using WWII-inspired weaponry. Wage all-out war, shown through the lens of classic, cartoon-inspired art with slapstick humor. Will you achieve military perfection or will your soldiers have a tough day in hell?
Inspired by Legendary Z – Unleash strategic carnage in five war-torn biomes. Deploy spies for stealth confrontations, send in bazooka-wielding soldiers to dominate skirmishes on the sand dunes, or assemble a mix of gunners, engineers and arsonists ready for anything. Each unit is self-sufficient; instead of replacing them with direct upgrades, all characters have their own specialties.
Main objective: to have fun! – Fight in a single-player campaign or compete against other players in a variety of multiplayer modes. Call on a trusted ally and take down AI forces in co-op mode, battle them in online versus mode, or become the King of the Hill champion. Master each map type – Desert, Polar, Lava, City, Islands – and take advantage of their different terrains. Destroy frozen lakes to drown platoons, drag your opponents into snowstorms, or even entice them to swim with sharks.
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