‘We’re the Space Force from on high’: The newest US military branch gets its official song

“The song was a long work in progress because I wanted it to encompass all the capabilities that the Space Force offers and its vision,” Teachenor said.

“This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to establish a Space Force song that will be part of our culture and heritage for years to come,” Raymond said. “Our traditions are part of the fabric that weave us all together as we execute our missions side-by-side; I will be proud to sing ‘Semper Supra’ alongside my fellow Guardians.”

From the moment former President Donald Trump created the new military wing tasked with defending military satellites and operating the network of GPS satellites, the Space Force has piqued the public’s imagination (and incredulity)even inspiring the creation of a Netflix parody of the same name. Despite the jokes and memes, the Space Force has several serious defense dutiesfrom alerting troops to incoming missiles to jamming transmissions of enemy satellites.

Listen to “Semper Supra” here.

Read the lyrics below:

We’re the mighty watchful eye,

Guardians beyond the blue,

The invisible front line,

Warfighters brave and true.

Boldly reaching into space,

There’s no limit to our sky.

Standing guard both night and day,

We’re the Space Force from on high.

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