what are its risks and benefits?

Fasting: Doctor Jacques Rouillier is the guest of RTL Midi

According to an Ipsos poll published in March 2022, 27% of French people fast. Among them, 61% of respondents skip one or more meals for health reasons. But you should know that this practice cannot be improvised and can even be dangerous if certain basic rules are not respected.

Doctor Jacques Rouillier, general practitioner and one of the founders of the Medical Academy of Fasting, lists its benefits, its protocol and its risks. “It’s good for your health to fast, but under certain conditions. That is to say, it has to be a reasonable duration, most often, we’ll say between 5 and 10 days”, begins. he also advises to be accompanied by seriously trained professionals. Note that the ideal frequency of fasting should depend on each person’s “state of health” and “preferences”.

Many health benefits

As the doctor explains, fasting has many benefits and would prevent a number of pathologies. “There are benefits that are metabolic. Obviously, weight loss is almost a collateral effect, especially the reduction of possible insulin resistance, for example the improvement of type 2 diabetes, the normalization of cardiovascular risk factors, clinical parameters such as blood pressure”, lists Dr. Before adding: “It also has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is really a privileged target against rheumatism, diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or certain inflammatory digestive diseases, under certain conditions.”

Indeed, therapeutic fasting presents a number of risks that can be dramatic for the body. “It is aimed at people in good health, who have no chronic pathologies or drug treatment. If this is the case, it is imperative to have medical support”, warns Jacques Rouillier.

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