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Every Sunday its share of information on future Apple projects, signed Mark Gurman. The journalist from Bloomberg this time provides us with key data on the Apple firm’s probable virtual reality headset, the presentation of which is expected in 2023 with a potential release in 2024. In terms of timing, January is targeted for early announcements regarding the beast software. For the material however, it would be necessary to wait for the Worldwide Developer Conference which generally takes place in June.

To start, Gurman believes that the focus will be on entertainment: Apple is currently recruiting a profile capable of creating visual effects and elements for the augmented reality video game. With this, our source of the day adds that Cupertino seems to want to develop a service of streaming for three-dimensional content. Users could also find applications they already know like Sirithe proprietary voice assistant (it’s hard to imagine how to do without), or even Shortcuts, which automates actions. The platform is already available on iPhones, iPads and MacBook Pros.

Metavers to the Apple

Within the job offers posted by Apple and mentioning VR, we also find, unsurprisingly, descriptions that evoke a mixed reality environment particularly similar to that offered by the parent company of Facebook with its metaverse. This isn’t the first time Cupertino has taken an interest in it, as patents detailing systems to interact with in avatar form have been spotted in the past from its engineers.

Apple virtual reality headset

Apple virtual reality headset (concept) © The Information

Health on the agenda?

In his newsletter power-on, Mark Gurman finally mentions the case of health. An area already well underway by Apple, whether with the acquisition of the beddit sleep monitor or with the measurement functions of the Watch (heart rate sensor, blood oximeter, electrocardiogram). However, we do not yet know how a helmet could help us stay in shape but, close to the brainit would be able to track a number of useful metrics for your doctor.

Jumbled up, going from our own hypotheses, we can then imagine a thermometer at the level of the temple, detection of electrical signals linked to stress or even recognition of loss of vision and hearing. But of course, these are just mere suggestions at the moment and only time will tell what Apple is really up to…

i-nfo.fr - Official App iPhon.fr
i-nfo.fr – Official App iPhon.fr

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