what had become of the singer of “It’s not easy”?

Sad news for fans of the stars of the “Tender age and wooden head” tour! Singer Carol Arnauld has died aged just 61. We remember her for her 1986 hit “It’s not easy”, which spoke about a painful subject: the mourning of her brother… But what had become of her since?

The singer of the 1980s, Carol Arnauld, died at the age of 61the friday september 9 2022, as announced by our colleagues from Journal of Saone-et-Loire.

What was Carol Arnauld singing?

It’s for its title It is not easyreleased in 1986, remained for several weeks in the top 10 of the charts, that most people remember this young woman with curls. This song written in honor of his brotherwho died in a tragic car accident, was a way for her to express her pain and mourning. Carol Valère, real namehas also chosen his stage name, Arnauld, in his honor.

After the success of It is not easythe singer leaves a first album called Carol Arnauld in 1988then a second in 1992, Dense times. Even if she then moved away from music, the general public was still able to rediscover her during a brief return to the stage, with only a few dates, during the popular Tender Age and Wooden Head tour in 2010.

What do we know about the death of Carol Arnauld?

According to the Journal de Saône-et-Loire, it is the result of a “long illness”, nothing more precise is known. theThe singer’s funeral will take place on Wednesday September 14at the Funérarium de Crissey, in Saône-et-Loire.

What had become of Carol Arnauld after her first successes?

After her first two albums, she finally quit music, not liking the pressure of the stage and showbiz. She then chose to devote herself to her real passion: cooking. She moved to the Chalonnais in 1991 where she held a restaurant for several years, The Cold Owlas well as a guest room with her companion Kenny Quaïo, with whom she shared 33 years of her life. All our condolences to the friends and loved ones of the singer.

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