What is M-Marketing or Mobile Marketing?

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. The number of connections, searches and purchases from a mobile device even exceeds that made from a computer, hence the need to take an interest in the concept of mobile marketing.

M-Marketing: what is it?

Mobile marketing, or M-Marketing, is a multi-channel strategy aimed at reaching a mobile audience, user of smartphones, tablets and/or other mobile devices. Several channels can be used for this purpose, such as websites, e-mails, SMS, MMS, social networks or applications. The concept is based on the growing interest consumers have in their mobile devices.

Indeed, according to ARCEP digital barometer (2021 edition), the smartphone has become essential in the daily life of the French : 84% of people aged 12 and over use one (+7 points in one year). In addition, the health crisis and successive confinements have multiplied the uses and needs for using equipment. Whatever device is used (smartphone, tablet, computer, connected speaker, etc.), the proportion of users is now increasing significantly. Internet users are also used to switching from one device to another during the purchase process. They can start their research on their phone and then continue on a tablet or laptop without any problem!

M-Marketing, an important lever for growth

The possibilities offered by mobile marketing

In this context, mobile marketing offers many possibilities:

  • Adaptation of the website to different screen sizes;
  • Creation of mobile application;
  • Sending “push” notification;
  • Games ;
  • Mobile and social media advertising;
  • Advertising SMS/MMS;
  • Geo-targeting;
  • Voice search;
  • Local SEO…

The advantages offered by M-Marketing

M-Marketing appears to be a real growth lever for companies. It allows for example a more effective targetingoffers the opportunity to personalize content and make it more original and attractive, to reach your audience instantlyand therefore, to better capture his attention.

How to create a mobile marketing strategy?

Therefore, many organizations wonder how to implement an effective mobile strategy. The first thing to do is toidentify your persona, in other words your target, and study it to find out what it is looking for. It is also useful to know your competitors. These approaches make it possible, among other things, to define the direction of your strategy, determine your objectives and your business model (sale of products, payment for content, subscription model, etc.).

If you choose to launch a mobile application, ideally you need to hire a developer to create it and optimize it so that it appears in the first search results. We also talk aboutASO (App Store Optimization). Finally, communication around your project remains the sinews of war. Several options are available to you: invest in an advertising campaign, set up SMS and MMS campaigns, use social networks… Note that it is quite possible to use a specialized service provider to design your strategy. of M-Marketing and set it up.

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