what is the title of Charlie’s farewell song, already heard in a cult American series?

This Monday January 23 ended on TF1 the first season of Lycée Toulouse-Lautrec, with in particular a moving scene where Charlie says goodbye to his friends, with a sublime song in the background. We tell you everything.

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This is a series that will have marked the spirits… This Monday, January 23 ends on TF1 the first season of Toulouse-Lautrec high schoolimagined by Fanny Riedberger, producer, author and director, who was inspired by his own story, herself having studied in this establishment when she was a teenager. And from the outset, viewers fell in love with this small group of friends formed, among others, by Marie-Antoinette (played by Ness Merad – does she have a connection with Kad Merad), Jean Philippe (Hippolyte Zaremba who did an internship at TF1), Julius (Abraham Wapler, son of Valerie Benguigui), Victory (China Thybaud, who returned to a particularly moving scene) or Charlie (Juliette Halloy).

Charlie’s final and heartbreaking scene

In the final episode of season 1, the latter is back in high school despite her particularly aggressive chemotherapy treatment. Suffering from nausea, and unable to have a normal life, she made the decision to stop her treatment and informed her doctor, Dr. Ramzilag. A decision that reduces her chances of survival to nothing… While Victoire (Chine Thybaud) is organizing a costume party at her house, Charlie arrives, accompanied by her mother, and disguised as an angel. In a magnificent scene, the teenager says goodbye to her little band, well aware that this is probably the last time she will see them. A magnificent and perfectly interpreted scene that takes place to the tune of a particularly moving song.

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A tune already heard in the Euphoria series with Zendaya

This song is “A song for you” Donny Hathaway version, and released in 1972 (the original version is signed Leon Russell). Appearing on his album soberly titled “Donny Hathaway”, she has already accompanied another key scene in the series (and brought torrents of tears to many seriphiles): that of the last episode of season 1 ofEuphoriastarring Zendaya in the title role.

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