What were herbivorous dinosaurs?

What are herbivorous dinosaurs?

Among the very many dinosaurs herbivores, there is the diplodocus. This huge quadruped has a very long neck and whip-like tail. Its size is estimated at 35 meters long. Stegosaurus was also a herbivore. This large reptile was nine meters long, four meters high and weighed about three tons. Its back was bristling with two rows of bony plates and its tail had two pairs of 60 centimeter long defensive spikes. As for the triceratops, its “first horned head” was endowed with a bony outgrowth at the level of the muzzle and a wide collar which it served both to impress its predators and to protect itself. Protoceratops, iguanodon, brachiosaurus, and ankylosaurus were also herbivores.

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What was their diet?

As a general rule, these herbivores ate a wide variety of plants, flowers, leaves, seeds, twigs, fruits… But it all depended on their morphology. The long neck dinosaurs instead ate leaves from the treetops while the smaller ones ate leaves from shrubs or grass. As for species with a narrow snout or a beak, this attribute served them more for grabbing food than for biting.

In addition, the diet of the dinosaurs also depended on the teeth (adapted to hard or soft plant materials) and their habitat. They nevertheless had specific stomach acids to digest the cellulose contained in plants. To learn the menu of dinosaurs, paleontologists study the remains of fossilized feces.

What is the largest herbivorous dinosaur?

Arguably the largest known herbivore is Cooper, a specimen discovered in 2006 in Australia. L’Australotitan cooperensis (its scientific name) belongs to the titanosaur species, long-necked herbivores, and measures 25 to 30 meters long and 5 to 6.5 meters high at the withers. He lived in the Cretaceous, a little over 100 million years ago. The Argentinosaurus, a sauropod discovered in 1986, also belongs to the top 5 of the largest dinosaurs in the world.

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What is the biggest dinosaur?

With its 37 meters from head to tail, its 8 meters at the withers and its 70 tons (the equivalent of 10 African elephants, the largest land creatures today), the patagotitan mayorum is the largest herbivorous dinosaur known to date. This species of long-necked dinosaur was discovered in Patagonia in 2017, giving it its name.

What is the greatest carnivorous dinosaur of all time?

Among the carnivorous dinosaurs, the largest specimen is the spinosaurus. This biped measuring more than 10 meters long surpasses the size of the well-known T.Rex. It also differs from its cousin by the shape of its skull which is flat and elongated like that of a crocodile unlike that of the T.Rex which is square. One of them was found on isle of wight, south of England. The researchers assume that this super-predator living in the Lower Cretaceous had a half-aquatic, half-terrestrial lifestyle. Like herons and storks, it waded through the water to catch prey on the surface.

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