What will Tower of Fantasy update 2.1 contain?

New characters, new environments, new bosses, new powers…. Yes, things are going to change in Tower of Fantasy for update 2.1! Geek Junior explains everything to you.

As a reminder, Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG, a bit like Genshin Impact. Released last August, the game does not stop offering us new updates. If you want to know more about this game, click here to discover our great guide. the Baffling Labyrinth. Here is the name of this update 2.1 in Tower of Fantasy. It will be released on November 22 and will introduce a brand new card: theDisconcerting Abyss. This one will be filled with bosses, challenges and all this in the presence of Lin, the new simulacrum. By exploring theDisconcerting Abyss (located under Mirroria), you will receive exclusive exploration rewards.

Among the unique features and new areas you encounter on your journey through the Baffling Labyrinthyou can find:

  • the prism pillar : The many passages of these ruins abandoned by an unknown civilization in theAbyss are riddled with dangerous obstacles. Only the flickering light can reveal the traces of the past and the mysteries hidden there.
  • The Deepsoul Industrial Zone : This industrial area around the Scientific research center contains many karst caves, and its humid and warm environment is conducive to the growth of strange fungi.

To summarize, the 2.1 update will bring with theDisconcerting Abyss new bosses, challenges, and a 48-player “Escape from Fate” Battle Royale mode. All of these new features will be introduced on November 22 alongside the brand new trailer for the update.

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