what you need to know before calling on a manufacturer of rolling shutters in Paris

Nobody wants to start their day by finding their shop window broken, signs of break-in in their shop or missing equipment. However, these facts are not uncommon in Paris. Burglaries, there are unfortunately much more often than one would like.

Nevertheless, this is not a fatality. There are indeed ways to protect against theft and damage to premises and it starts with prevention. And prevention here simply consists in install a metal curtain to protect your business.

In order to invest in a rolling shutter that best suits your shop and location, many manufacturers offer their services in Paris.

The different types of metal shutters for shops

Metal curtain manufacturers have designed several types of curtains depending on the intended use and the trade from which they will protect the storefront. Some of the main types of curtains available on the market include:

  • Solid slat metal curtains

Manufactured from solid steel or aluminum slats, these curtains are very robust. They are particularly suitable for large shops such as warehouses or DIY surfaces.

  • Metal curtains with micro-perforated slats
What you need to know before hiring a metal curtain manufacturer in Paris

Their steel or aluminum blades are perforated with small holes. While providing a good security, these curtains allow to keep a good luminosity and a good ventilation. They are suitable for small shops such as bakeries or shoe shops.

  • Metal shutters with tubular slats

Also designed from solid and resistant materials, these curtains differ from others in their aesthetics. Elegant, they adapt very well to luxury shops such as jewelry stores or watchmakers.

Which service provider to have your metal curtain installed or repaired in Paris?

As you will have understood, a metal curtain is not chosen anyhow. It is important to move towards a professional in order to be well advised and to opt for the model most suitable for your business.

In Paris, many manufacturers of rolling shutters offer their services ofinstallation and repair for traders. These service providers include, among others: Metal 2000 and Qualifermboth specialized in the field and operating in the capital.

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