When Carrefour encourages illegal settlements

Seven pro-Palestinian NGOs have denounced the establishment of the French retail giant Carrefour in at least three illegal Israeli settlements (occupied Palestinian territories) under international law, according to a report published on Wednesday.

On March 6, 2022, the Carrefour group announced the conclusion of an international franchise agreement with two Israeli companies: Electra Consumer Products and Yenot Bitan.

This international franchise agreement stipulates the gradual conversion of more than 150 branches of the Yenot Bitan supermarket chain into Carrefour stores.

Yenot Bitan stores – whose Carrefour products are already available on the website – are present in at least three major Israeli settlements. Electra Consumer Products is owned by the Israeli holding company Elco Ltd, whose subsidiary Electra Ltd participates in colonization through the construction and maintenance of colonial infrastructure: roads, public buildings, universities, transport, housing, distribution of water, telecommunications, services and supplies of equipment to the Israeli army and administration in their settlement activities.

Electra Ltd is on the list of 112 companies participating in the colonization, established by the UN in 2020. “By this agreement, Carrefour ignores its French and international obligations, of a legal and ethical nature, of respect for human rights . These include the guiding principles established by the UN on due diligence for the respect of human rights, and the French law of 2017 on the duty of vigilance of companies”, estimate the signatories of the report.


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