When classical music rhymes with Madih

During this concert hosted by the group Fusion et Contamination, the public was transported by a magnificent instrumental and vocal mix between Mozart and the Hamdouchi heritage or even between Jean-Sébastien Bach and Issaoua, to the rhythm of the flute, gambri, the darbouka as well as other percussion instruments which are perfectly tuned to brighten up the stage of the Villa des Arts in Rabat, to the delight of music lovers.

This artistic encounter was a fine illustration of the role that music can play as a bridge allowing different cultures to meet and converse through melodies and songs. Thus, the Italian flautist Daniela Pisano and the three Moroccan musicians who make up the Fusion et Contamination project transported the public to a world where borders are pushed aside, with various sounds that mingle with Madih.

Thanks to their timeless songs and their unique compositions, the group has created a friendly atmosphere where the rhythms intermingle and complement each other in complete harmony. This musical marriage was embellished by a mix of clothes, with on one side the classic style of Mrs. Pisano and on the other side the traditional outfits of the three Moroccan artists. The stage of the Villa des Arts was thus the scene of a musical encounter which took as its starting point the city of Meknes, known for its brotherhoods and for the musical styles that bear their stamp.

In a statement to the press, môqadem Anouar Dekkaki, member of Fusion et Contamination, welcomed the group’s production at the Villa des Arts in Rabat and thanked the organizers of this musical event.

Referring to traditional Moroccan music, Mr. Dekkaki emphasized the diversity of musical genres contained in Morocco’s musical heritage, including Hmadcha, Issaoua and Sufi music, of which the city of Meknes is the cradle and which the group has merged with Western classical music.

In a similar statement, Italian flautist and teacher Daniela Pisano said that she had the idea, together with Mr. Dekkaki, to initiate this musical project with the aim of promoting the fusion between Western classical music and traditional Moroccan music, with a desire to extend this mix to other types of Arab music.

Established in Meknes for three years, the Italian flautist was delighted with her presence at the Villa des Arts to introduce the public to the unique musical compositions of her group. During the concert, Ms. Pisano said she was working with her group on developing a written score for traditional Moroccan music, with the aim of promoting this heritage and making it known to other musicians.


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