which of the two will win this boxing match?

In the left corner the Bbox Mustin the right corner SFR-Power. These are two triple-play offers: telephony, Internet and TV, two offers with a minimum one-year commitment, and two very similar telephony offers:

  1. Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France
  2. Unlimited calls to landlines in over 100 international destinations

Hardware and Performance Comparison

With the Box Must, Bouygues Telecom is offering a new modem, available in ADSL or fiber version. With fiber optics, the speed promise is 1 Gb/s download, and 700 Mb/s in transfer. With the Box Plus of SFR, on the other hand, it is double in downlink speed: 2 Gbps! No need to draw a picture: large consumers of bandwidth (gaming, streaming, videoconferences, etc.) will appreciate the power of the red square brand.

No more risk than that “bugging” on the usual 6-10 p.m. slot because the whole family is connected at the same time: the two modems communicate with a home Wi-Fi 6 wireless connection. Its advantage? This intelligent Wi-Fi has not 2, but 3 frequency bands at its disposal to distribute the flow to all connected devices, simultaneously, but without loss of power : a real comfort ! It is therefore difficult to decide between them on this point, although: Bouygues Telecom won the nPerf 2022 award from WiFi number 1 in France.

As for the quality of service of the two access providers, the ARCEP reports, like those of nPerf, almost always position Bouygues Telecom ahead of SFR. But is it really tangible for the user, who will especially notice a vertiginous and global increase in fixed internet speeds.


Comparison of prices and services

The decoder of these competing offers is substantially identical: Android, 4K compatible, High Resolution… Equality. Each operator has also developed its own management application to access live control functions. For the content, it is once again very comparable: Bouygues Telecom displays a bouquet of 180 channels, there are 20 better at SFR. But he is the only one to give, in welcome gift, 6 months subscription discovery on Netflix or Disney+, your choice.

Let’s come to the sinews of war: the monthly cost price. In the kingdom of Internet subscriptions at less than 25 euros or almost, the Bbox is displayed at €24.99 the first year, then €41.99 the second. Opposite, the SFR Power is 26 euros all battery for one year, then 43€. The difference of one euro is maintained over time, but is it the most important?

For example, if your accommodation is a little big, and your budget small: the wifi repeaters from SFR are 3 euros per month as an option, compared to Bouygues Telecom’s free service. Indeed, after a “free Wi-Fi diagnosis” with one of their technicians, one to two repeaters will be provided free of charge if needed.

Another valuable service, but priced at SFR: the “guaranteed internet service”. The “Pocket 4G Box” option costs 5 euros per month. It’s a shame, because opposite, Bouygues Telecom provides a free 4G key and 200 GB of mobile data. You will have understood: in the writing, the small long-term attentions of Bouygues Telecom seduced us more than 6 months of Netflix series!

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