Why carry out a business domiciliation in Marseille?

The number of business creations has broken records in recent years. A lot of French people have embarked on entrepreneurship. One of the first decisions to be made when setting up a business is the choice of residence.

The entrepreneur can decide to domicile his business at his personal address or at a domiciliation company.

In this article, we deal with business domiciliation in Marseille.

What are the advantages of a business address in Marseille?

A wide range of services available

First of all, the services offered by domiciliation companies in Paris are also offered in Marseille.

You can enjoy the receipt of mail and its forwarding to the address and frequency of your choice. You can also choose to have your mail scanned.

Domiciliation companies in Marseille also offer a hotline service and the rental of meeting rooms.

Doing a business domiciliation in Marseille for what purpose?

The little extras compared to the capital

The difference, when you elect domicile in Marseille for your head office, lies firstly in the prices. He is less expensive to rent premises, to pay salaries, to invite partners to the restaurant in Marseille than in Paris.

Then, do not neglect the prestigious side covered by the city of Marseille, the oldest city in France. Places like the Old Port or its many business districts make a good impression on official documents.

Finally, it is a city easily accessiblevery well served. Local elected officials are much more available and receptive to the demands of residents and businesses than those of the capital. This is due to less competition and fewer companies.

Do you need to have your company domiciled in Marseille? Go through a specialized company like Digidom or Central Canebière

If you want do not disclose your home address to your customers and collaborators and prefer to opt for a domiciliation of your company in Marseilletwo company names might interest you:

  • Central Canebiere, the oldest business domiciliation company in Marseille. Its premises are located on the Old Port.
  • Digidom, also located in the capital of the South and which has more than 6000 companies domiciled with its services.

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