why choose between a gaming headset and a music lover?

The Swiss manufacturer saves us from asking ourselves the question and launches a helmet which, according to him, is good in all areas.

Taking advantage of a neat design, which stands out in the world either too austere or too colorful of gaming headsets, the Logitech G Astro 30 is designed to combine the best of both worlds. Namely the performance of a headset dedicated to gaming, and the versatility ofan audiophile model.

The do-it-all helmet

Available in black or white, the Astro 30 is a supra-auricular type headset, whose ear cups contain 40 mm speakers. Bluetooth compatible, 2.4 GHz wireless via the supplied dongle, but also wired (3.5 mm jack), the headset aims for versatility. The idea is to be able to use it both in ultra-fast connection on a playstation5 / Xbox Series than wired on its Nintendo Switch. All while being connected to your smartphone to be able to quickly answer a call, for example.

Indeed, the Astro 30 has a multipoint connection and a detachable micro-stem. In addition, a microphone is directly integrated into the earpieces to be able to hold a clear conversation outdoors, even if you have separated from this appendage.

Logitech G Astro 30
© Logitech

On the autonomy side, Logitech is aiming for the top of the basket by announcing 27 hours. A great effort, which is however offset by the absence of active noise reduction technology (ANC). A detail that could disappoint music lovers who seek above all complete immersion in their favorite music.

An application to configure everything

To add a layer of personalization to the whole, Logitech recommends that its customers go through the Logitech G Mobile application to have access to all the usual sound settings, and to an equalizer allowing to shape the rendering as we hear it.

The Swiss brand goes further in customization and allows its buyers to change the “tags” that cover each headset. Optional, these are magnetized above the loudspeaker to give the Astro 30 a unique look. $35.

Logitech G Astro 30
Headphone design can be customized in the Astro store.© Logitech

A hybrid product therefore, sold for €249 all the same, which wants to prevent its buyers from having to have several helmets and to change them according to the business activity. An interesting idea, but which must nevertheless be passed through the sieve of tests in real conditions to demonstrate its real interest.

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