Why does France remain European champion of board games?

With an upward trend little impacted by inflation, France remains the European leader in the board game market. Explanations.

The trend is not new, but it is only confirmed over time. Among the many data provided by the NDP panelist on the French toy market last year, the market share of toys called “kidults” (contraction of child and adult in English), intended for those over 12 years old, is impressive. It represents 28% of the sector, a figure that has doubled in just five years. A representation like no other in Europe, which can be explained in particular by a very dynamic offer, new products often being at the heart of the turnover of the current year. Among the latest creations to date, we find, for example, a board game made in France, despite its English title, which won a 2022 Toy Grand Prix, Little Secret. A kind of Wolf Wereimproved and smart.


Pandemic between friends

The impact of the pandemic had been strong on sales of board games in France, in a good way. The three tenors remain great classics, with the Trivial pursuitthe Scrabble or even the Monopoly. But behind them, we find a whole range of less “smooth” games, in tune with the times, allowing the pressure to be released around a moment of conviviality. Among these, White Eat Coco, an already older title, intended to animate aperitifs and late evenings for adults with fill-in-the-blank sentences to be completed in the funniest way possible. A formula declined over time under several themes, with many extensions.

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Society of the future

Clearly, confinement has given a new taste to gatherings with family or friends, carrying a sector that was already in great shape before the pandemic. Creative minds go to great lengths discover the trends of tomorrow, while seeking to respect some complex manufacturing rules. The rise in the price of paper and freight, the printing format of playing card manufacturers are just a few examples, to which must now be added the notion of eco-responsibility. Nothing that should prevent the sector from displaying good health in the years to come.

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