“With Teddy Riner, it’s dosage and you have to be very fine”

The coach of the triple Olympic champion returned to his package for the next World Championship (October 2-9). Before detailing the method to take him to the top for Paris 2024.

Teddy Riner’s package for the 2022 World Championships

Frank Chambily: “We had prepared for this eventuality because it had been almost four weeks since he was injured. We were still waiting for the latest medical results to see the evolution of his ankle in terms of ligament healing, with a little hope. But between the last ultrasound and the impossibility of training, it was obvious that we had to prioritize healing his ankle. The state of health and the form of the moment remain the priorities, more than the World Championship as such.

The consequences of this absence

“For us the objective remains clear and it remains the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. With what Teddy has experienced since the start of his career, we know that what will count will be the result during these Games. World champion, he has already been ten times. Simply, this injury, and the resulting forfeit, unfortunately interrupts the dynamic in which he was in training, after his return to competition in Budapest. This interruption will perhaps shift our programming a little.

A more fragile body?

“Teddy is getting older, he will be 35 in Paris. It’s an almost daily management, with an almost permanent adaptation even if there is a plan that is established. But if you feel Teddy tired, you have to juggle on a daily basis in the way of approaching training, whether in physical preparation and in the activity of judo, which is the one most at risk. It’s dosage and you have to be fine in this one. There, there was a little miss but there are things that we can control and others a little less.

Managing your mind

“The mind is very important. You have to mourn a World Championship, you have to rehabilitate, get back to the level from the judo point of view… This inevitably generates frustration, impatience. The important thing with Teddy is to communicate well. He needs to understand what happened, what caused it, what to do next… And we, at the staff level, we all have to be on the same line, have the same story, the same desires. When we have put things down, taken stock, Teddy always leaves very quickly and very motivated.

The date of its recovery

“Around mid-October he should be on the mat again. Gradually, of course, but he will wear the kimono. It is widely playable. For the competition, there is a European Team Championship on November 12 which he wanted to do. We’ll see if it’s possible. Nothing is certain because if we can plan the date of his recovery, afterwards, we will have to see his feelings in training, his ability to return to a very good level. Everything will depend on his state of form at the time. The most important thing, I insist, will be the state of his ankle and the fact that he can give the best of himself.

Competition Joseph Terhec

“It doesn’t bother him. He would simply have liked to do this World Championship. Afterwards, there is another holder behind, if the coaches have decided to select him, it is because he has the level and he deserves a chance. The place is free. It is the law of sport. We must respect the selections and good luck to Joseph Terhec. There is a place, let him take advantage of it.

A retirement in 2032?

“Teddy is a communication man, and he handles the art of the joke too (smile). If his son asks him to push until the 2032 Games and he is in good health, why not? Now, before 2032, there is 2024, then 2028. Everything in its time. We will then see if it is necessary to address the subject of Los Angeles after Paris. For me, the most important are his state of health and his motivation. Afterwards, the rest are only very distant suppositions and I am very pragmatic. What interests me is tomorrow, and tomorrow, in my eyes, it’s Paris 2024 which will happen very quickly.


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