With the new Apple VR headset, you no longer need an iPhone or a Mac

Once is not custom, here is that Mark Gurman publishes a new article at Bloomberg detailing the spec sheet and hypothetical software of Apple’s next virtual reality headset. This one isn’t official yet, as the manufacturer hasn’t confirmed its existence. But first details could arrive before July, with perhaps a marketing end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024.

The major information of the day concerns the interface. Gurman explains that users will probably be able to cast their Mac screen on that of the helmet, which will otherwise have a operating system similar -visually- to iOS. With this it would be possible, as it was supposed, to switch from augmented reality to virtual reality at will. We will then speak of mixed reality, if indeed Apple wishes to use this term. Nothing is less certain: the firm also enjoys developing its own nomenclature, as with “MagSafe” for wireless charging of iPhones or “picture in picture” for the “picture in picture“.

Advanced features, to crush the competition from the start

Still according to data from BloombergApple would offer with this future helmet a system of gaze and gesture tracking. Two very practical solutions for controlling, for example, the movements of a character in a video game, or perhaps those of the cursor for a macOS-like. More than a thousand people have worked to develop this technology over the past seven years, which would explain its starting price, which could be around three thousand euros. We are talking here about a price almost twice as high as the competition. Count 1,799.99 euros in France for the Meta Quest Prowhich can only be controlled via a simple joystick.

Metaquest Pro

Meta Quest Pro © Presse-citron.net

Another brand detail: it’s the Digital Crown, which would also arrive on the headset after having had some success on AirPods Max and on Apple Watch, which would allow to leave the augmented reality mode for the virtual reality mode, in a few moments. Same in reverse. For more traditional use, it will also be possible to control the interface with a keyboard and mouse, according to Gurman.

No worries about battery life or overheating?

As other rumors already assumed, the one possibly called Reality Pro would be powered by independent batteries. These will probably need to be wired to the helmet, but worn around the waist. In this way, Apple will take advantage of it to prevent the hardware from overheating in contact with the processor and the screen. One fan would also be part of this.

In total, the endurance of the device would reach two o’clock by battery, knowing that as for a drone the user can buy several. The size of each battery would resemble that of an iPhone 14 Pro Max, but twice as thick. Apple would however be aware that this format is not necessarily the most optimal, therefore developing an alternative with integrated battery and USB-C port for charging. However, there is little chance that this version will see the light of day quickly.

Many apps available

The report of Bloomberg also hints that already well-known apps will be integrated into the supposed ros. It would be the proprietary Safari browser, the Photos app, Mail, FaceTime videos, Messages for SMS, the App Store to install third-party platforms and the Apple TV streaming service. As a bonus, it would be possible to call Siri directly, thanks to microphones integrated into the device.

Finally, let’s talk about the case of design. Gurman relies on a chassis in aluminum, also with glass and pads to finalize the recipe. We bet that these two other materials will be used respectively for the slab and for comfort.

i-nfo.fr - Official App iPhon.fr
i-nfo.fr – Official App iPhon.fr

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