with this photo, an astrophotographer makes “the discovery of the century”

With the cliches of the Pillars of Creation and hourglass of dust taken by the telescope James Webb, this is surely one of the most beautiful space photos of recent years. On January 17, Bray Falls, a 24-year-old astrophotographer, managed with his telescope to capture the image of a nebula hitherto unknown to scientists.

A reddish background, shimmering blue and purple hues… This could be the work of a painter. And yet this incredible landscape does indeed exist in the universe. It is a nebula – which can be seen by the blue arc in the image – discovered above the Andromeda galaxy (“M31”) located 2.55 million light-years away. of our sun. The celestial object would be composed of gaseous oxygen, according to the photographer.

This gas cloud remained off radar for 134 years, while it is in one of the zones of space the most observed by astronomers. As a result, the Bray Falls sighting has been described as “the discovery of the century”. “For the past 134 years, people have taken pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy. However, everyone so far has missed this big detail”, the astrophotographer is surprised on Instagram. Last August, six experts noticed anomalies in the data and shared the information with Bray Falls, who managed to find the nebula using his telescope.

“What you’re looking at is an absolutely massive, low oxygen surface luminosity arc…

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