Wizordum, A Retro-fps Inspired By The Hexen Era

Announced in August 2021 and developed by Emberheart Games studio, Wizordum unveiled a new trailer during Realms Deep 2022, announcing the availability of a playable demo of the title. It’s a retro-fps inspired by classics of the genre like Hexen or Heretic, and whose bright colors and sprites remind me of some old 2D RPGs.

Set in a fantasy world, Wizordum is an action-focused FPS with puzzle elements. Fight numerous enemies using magic or blunt weapons, avoid traps and solve puzzles in your fight against chaos.

If no release date has been communicated for the moment, Wizordum has its page Steam, on which you will find the demo mentioned above. What we do know, however, is that a level editor will be available with the game, allowing you to create your own campaigns and share them with other players.

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