World Cup 2022: Impregnable Argentina dominates Poland, the two qualified nations

Argentina gave Poland no chance, showing themselves above, in their last game in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup. Lionel Messi and his team-mates return to the knockout stages, thanks to goals d’Alvarez and McAllister. Poland, despite its defeat, also snatches its ticket.

It’s a small final before the hour. Lionel Messi’s Argentina faces Robert Lewandowski’s Poland for a duel that did not keep all its promises on the Polish side.

From the first minutes, Lionel Messi gets to work with a first unbalanced shot with the right foot, countered and without gravity for Szczesny.

During this first quarter of an hour of play, Argentina is more incisive than the Poles who have not yet obtained real chances.

In the 30th minute, Argentina still shakes Poland with an overflow and a center back for Alavarez but his shot is rejected, while Poland is stifled and does not make it against an Albiceleste who seeks victory .

In the 37th minute, Argentina obtained a penalty on a contentious action by the Polish goalkeeper. It’s up to Lionel Messi to convert him but his ball is stopped by Szczesny.

From the first minutes of the second half, Argentina opened the scoring thanks to Alexis Mc Allister (47′), who opened his foot well on the ground and surprised Szczesny.

During this time, the Poles are having a bad quarter of an hour since they do not touch a ball while the Argentines are looking for this second goal and they find the fault to widen the gap with Alvarez (68 ‘) who sends his people to the 8th finals.

In the last quarter of an hour of the meeting, the Argentinians continue their pressing against the Poles who do not succeed, just like their star Robert Lewandowski, transparent during this meeting.

Poland will therefore have had no chance against an Argentina of the great days and a Lionel Messi who finds his marks.

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