World Cup 2022: Ronaldo already gives an appointment to Brazil in the final

Cristiano Ronaldo would love to face his teammate Casemiro in a 2022 World Cup final between Portugal and Brazil.

Ronaldo joked with Casemiro about this possibility

They also played together at Real Madrid

Portugal are still far from reaching the final

The striker, currently embroiled in controversy, has high hopes for the World Cup, where Portugal should at least reach the knockout stage. If he had the choice, he would meet Brazil with the trophy on the line.

“I joked with Casemiro that the final will be Portugal against Brazil,” Ronaldo told LiveScore. “It would be a dream, to be honest.

“The World Cup is the toughest competition in the world. I dream about it. I know it will be hard, it will be difficult, but dreaming is free and I dream all the time.”

Both Casemiro and Manchester United have been ‘affected’ by Ronaldo’s recent remarks about the club, according to Raphael Varane, so the Brazilian midfielder might be trying to avoid thinking about Ronaldo at the moment.


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