World: the two supporters of the Blues who left by bike on August 20 arrived in Doha

Mehdi Balamissa and Gabriel Martin, 26 and 27 respectively, set off from the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, a mythical place of French football, on August 20, for three months of cycling through Europe and Asia.

“The biggest challenge is above all sporting, because you have to do 100, 120 km a day. And above all, you have to be able to hold on mentally. So that’s really the main challenge for us on a daily basis”, explained Gabriel Martin, upon his arrival in Doha.

Fans of the France team, the two amateur cyclists had this “crazy idea”, by their own admission, in the fall of 2021 by following the Blues during the Final 4 of the League of Nations in Italy.

“The main objective of this trip was above all to experience crazy adventures”, underlined Gabriel Martin. But “of course there is an ecological message behind it and we are proud to be able to bring the values ​​of sustainable mobility to Doha”, he added.

Source: AFP

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