Xbox announces new games today, here’s how to follow the conference live

Xbox announces new games today, here's how to follow the conference live

Xbox and Bethesda Games host the showcase Developers_Direct this Wednesday, January 25. Players can expect glimpses upcoming releases on Xbox, Game Pass and PC.

When to follow the conference?

Xbox and Bethesda Games will broadcast the conference live this wednesday 25 January at 21 hours (French time).

Where to look?

You can follow the livestream on the channels Youtube Where Twitch from Xbox – or on the channels
Where Twitch from Bethesda.

What to expect?

Today’s presentation will include information on The Elder Scrolls Online, Minecraft Legends, red fall and Forza Motorsport. Starfield will not be part of the presentation, but fans can follow the Bethesda social media pages for details on a standalone event at a later date.

Fans will discover details about the new features and the extended game regions to Elder Scrolls. Mojang Studios will preview themultiplayer experience new Minecraft Legends, which will be released in the spring. Arkane Austin will premiere red fallin which
“You and your friends slaughter bloodthirsty vampires on the picturesque island of Redfall”. Turn 10 Studios, the company behind Forza Motorsportis about to unveil the novelties of the next generation of the game. article adapted by CNET France

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