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This Thursday, September 8, 2022, Xbox revealed an evolution of the home screen for our consoles. Currently in the testing phase, it is gradually being rolled out to the community of Insiders members. Social networks quickly took over the subject and many amateur concepts began to flourish… To the point of making people forget the official dashboard.

Evolution more than revolution

Here is what the future home screen of our Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles should look like. We saw it easily in our dedicated article : this interface seems somewhat “loaded”, while the community of players often calls for a purification of the experience.

So amateur gamer concepts were posted online and on social media, showing that it would be possible to make the home screen more readable. However, Microsoft’s goal is laudable from the outset, since it is a question of “listening and learning how […] do better here while keeping [une] fast and familiar experience”.

Microsoft is therefore not seeking to revolutionize navigation in the menus, as might have been the case when the Kinect was released on Xbox 360, forcing the entire interface to be reviewed. Here, it would rather be about evolution. On our Twitter account, we have offered you amateur concepts by contrasting them with the official dashboard, new version. The conclusion is clear.

A concept to review?

Our survey, dated September 8, highlighted the dashboards of three graphic content creators, offering their version of what the new interface could be. More readable, clearer, they have been acclaimed and your votes go in the direction of a desire for an overhaul. Many of you, for example, would like to see the custom wallpaper. What the official version will probably prevent from the visuals.

Out of almost 200 votes in total, half go to concepts 2 and 3, proposed by @souls_ninja and @gts_tweets. These concepts share the voices of your votes for their refined side, inspired by what is found at Sony. The Microsoft dashboard collects less than 15 votes. His defenders praising the continuity and imposing boxes. Only the concept of @Hunter4J does less well, the fault of smaller boxes, therefore less readable.

This community vote cannot have official or definitive value, especially since the Xbox interface has not been able to be tested by a majority of players at this time. This shows a trend though, which is that Microsoft would be a bit short of the overall expectation. Of course, as this is a test phase, this interface will evolve in the months to come. While waiting to see how, you will be able to appreciate the first feedback, controller in hand.

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