Xbox soon as green as its logo?

When the first Xbox arrived on the market in 2001, it paled in comparison to the domination of the playstation2 : Microsoft will only sell 24 million units when Sony (PlayStation) exceeds 150 million consoles sold with its PS2, today still the best-selling console in the world.

In 2005 the dynamic was completely reversed, since the launch of the Xbox 360 will be generally better received than that of the playstation3. Microsoft learned from its mistakes and negotiated the exclusivity of several large franchises, while emphasizing the connected and community aspect of its Xbox Live service. Not to mention the financial argument: when it comes out the Xbox 360 was only half the price of the PlayStation 3 !

PlayStation will follow suit a few years later by offering its PlayStation Plus in 2010, badly the damage was done: the second console war had begun.

The next generation will be marked by a strong comeback from Sony thanks to its PlayStation 4 which will sell for more than 100 million units in front of 50 million for the Xbox One.

If the current generation of consoles (sometimes called next gen) is best known for having suffered from very heavy shortages, it is also the scene of a change of strategy on the part of Microsoft.

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