XXL link necklace: 10 models that catch our eye

In the jewel family, we ask for the chunky-knit necklace! In gold or silver version, it is perfect to sublimate our most sober outfits by bringing a touch of eccentricity.

How to wear it?

A wide-link necklace will have its effect on a tailored look revealing a pretty neckline, but also on an oversized white shirt or on a turtleneck for the more cautious. The only detail that matters is to bet as much as possible on a simple look with all-purpose colors so as not to appear overloaded.

Where to shop?

This season, many stars have succumbed to the trend and adopted it. If you’re out of inspiration and don’t know where to find the necklace that will go with your winter outfits and boost your fashion quotient, Femmes du Maroc reveals its 10 favorite XXL chain models.

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