Yamaha unveils its new True Wireless headphones, the TW-E3C

Innovative, they incorporate new features to offer exceptional listening quality and comfort.

Yamaha announces the launch of its new True Wireless TW-E3C wireless headphones (129 €). As the third generation, the TW-E3C pack features normally found in more expensive headphones such as ambient sound and game mode, while still remaining the brand’s most affordable headphones. The new TW-E3C provide ideal, comfortable and easy operation for smartphone users, who are on the go and want to enjoy a variety of content.

Thanks to acoustic technologies, the TW-E3C benefit from a musical reproduction that combines clear mid and high frequencies (tonal balance), deep bass (dynamic) and the width of the sound between the left and right channel (sound image) . They adopt additional features providing versatile and high quality performance including excellent call quality. Ambient Sound mode is included as well as Enhanced Low Latency mode – great for gaming
or watch video content and control the app, including adjusting the equalizer with the Headphone Control app. The speaker and nozzle design are on the same sound axis. This configuration eliminates obstacles to the sound output as much as possible and the input signal is delivered to the eardrum in the most direct way. Music, with higher vocal qualities, is crisp and clear.

For voice calls, the TW-E3Cs are equipped with four high-performance MEMS microphones for sound collection, two on the left side and two on the right side. The direction of the sound source is estimated by calculating the difference in volume and time of arrival to the four microphones to accurately capture the voice. In addition, Qualcomm cVc (Clear Voice Capture) separates voice from noise and prevents noise from being transmitted by reducing ambient voices and noise to achieve superior voice performance for clear communication on the phone and in video conferences. They also provide a multipoint function that allows two Bluetooth devices to be simultaneously connected to a single pair of TW-E3C. If the user is enjoying a movie on their tablet when they receive a call on their smartphone, they can easily answer the call without having to manually switch to the other device.

The TW-E3Cs feature Gaming Mode – a low latency mode ideal for playing games or other video content on portable devices. Ambient Sound mode makes it easy to hear external sounds, such as public transport announcements or traffic noise. This convenient feature makes the TW-E3Cs ideal for use in any situation. They incorporate TrueWireless mirroring that allows independent left-right transmission for greater playback stability. In addition, the “Role-Swap” function prevents battery levels from decreasing unevenly by determining the primary/secondary units based on the state of the headphones at the time of connection. Overall, this achieves up to 24 hours of listening time (9 hours + 15 hours from the charging case).

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