Yayoi Kusama becomes a robot for Louis Vuitton

The Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama may be 93 years old and have lived as a recluse of her own free will in a psychiatric hospital for almost 46 years, but she continues to create every day and make people talk about her, through avatars broadcasting to her place its famous colorful peas. The latest, the animatronic robot in the window of the Louis Vuitton store in Place Vendôme. An automaton for the less impressive, which distributes smiles and grimaces to visitors. An original and striking animation, which inaugurates the second collaboration between the luxury brand and the Japanese artist, more than ten years after the first. This new partnership notably enabled the design of the collection Creating Infinity, with more than 450 limited edition pieces, stamped Louis Vuitton and revisited by Kusama. That ” new collection revisits iconic creations of the house in the colors of the artist. An ode to art, audacity and craftsmanship ” thus specifies the communication of the great house of leather goods and perfume.

But Kusama is not only represented on Place Vendôme. His giant automaton is also available in the Vuitton store on Fifth Avenue in New York and at Harrods in London. As for that of the Champs-Elysées which attracts several hundred tourists every day, it is a monumental and inflatable sculpture bearing the effigy of the artist in a red wig, which has been installed on the facade, giving the impression to onlookers that she leaves the establishment to smear it with her yellow, red and blue polka dots. Yaoyo Kusama never ceases to surprise us.

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