You are not ready for the iMac of the future that Apple is preparing

For several years now, Apple has been working on a concept ofall-in-one desktop computer which would combine screen, mouse and keyboard. We already knew that the format would look like a revolutionary device, but the manufacturer still chose to improve its schematics via an update last week. We learn in particular that the chassis would be composed of a single piece of glass, suggesting a particularly premium finish as can be seen on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

With this, the engineers of the firm at the apple specify that a semblance of a touchpad would be included directly as an extension of the rest of the shell. This could be a technology similar to that of the Magic Trackpad, a control accessory sold separately by Apple and which costs the modest sum of 155 euros in France. When buying a 24-inch iMac, however, all you have to do is add 50 euros to your bill and the device is yours.

A detachable keyboard

Another key advantage: the future glass iMac from Apple would therefore also have a keyboard but which could be separated according to the user’s wishes. Given the form that the computer would take, the initiative seems essential to be able to make the system more mobile. This would also be another of its key advantages: the possibility of taking it everywhere with you, simply by detaching the Magic Keyboard. A laptop iMacdoes that tell you?

When is the release?

Of course, however, let’s keep in mind that this is just a simple patent. Its creators therefore have complete freedom not to never make it happen if market expectations do not correspond to it. And with the hypothetical abandonment of the 27-inch iMac featuring the same design as the one with an M1 chip, such a fate remains entirely possible.

If this project is abandoned, it will be far from being the only one. We remember, for example, the brief success of the Air Power charger, which Apple went so far as to present to the public before finally choosing to put it away. The fault, it is said, with overheating problems. - Official App – Official App

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