you will soon be able to stream audio from your Android smartphone to your PC

The connected Mobile application of Windows 11 will soon be equipped with a very practical functionality. Microsoft seems to be currently testing the possibility of broadcasting the sound of its Android smartphone from its PC. For the time being, only a handful of users have access to it, but its general deployment should not take more than a few days.

windows broadcast its android smartphone
Credits: Windows Latest

Since its appearance on our PCs, the Connected Mobile application — formerly Your phone — has constantly improved to narrow the gap between Windows and Android every time. Some features were major advancements, such as the ability to run applications directly from your PCor the fact of being able make calls. But for some time, the application has not offered any real novelty.

This new feature, spotted by our colleagues from Windows Latest, is therefore welcome. As indicated by a small presentation banner, it is now possible, at least the few selected users, to broadcast the sound of their smartphone from their PC. Seasoned Spotify users will recognize the operation of Spotify Connect, which allows you to control the sound of the application on one device from another.

Listen soon to your smartphone from your PC

“You spoke and we listened! Now you can hear and see things shared from your phone on your PC,” Microsoft prides itself. “Change the device you want to stream audio from in Phone Link settings”. The feature appears just above the notifications tab but doesn’t appear to be working yet. Its sudden appearance, however, suggests that it will be normal within a few days.

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In addition, this is not the only novelty that Microsoft is currently working on for its application. Windows Latest has also found a feature dubbed “Browser History Continuity,” which does precisely what its name suggests: it shares smartphone history on Windows. However, it only works with Samsung smartphones and, you will have understood, the Korean firm’s home browser.

Source : Windows Latest

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